Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows

There was a time when staying at home was actually a choice. In the age of Covid-19, staying at home takes on a new connotation. What it means is that you’re actually helping your community fightback from the virus.

The good news is that there is plenty to do when you’re home.

Remember when Netflix first started? It was a cool thing to go to a website and click on a list of DVD titles to have delivered to your home. You could keep them as long as you want and when you were done you shipped them back in the pre-paid envelope and then you’d get the next title on your list.

Now, Netflix gives you access to thousands of titles without any mailing required. Do they still even ship DVDs? Netflix streaming serves of feature films and entire TV series.

This is the era of binge-watching and these are the perfect shows to fill up your days and nights!

Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek is a half-hour comedy out of Canada featuring two of their treasures: Eugen Levy and Catherine O’Hara. Are John and Moira Rose who had all of their vast fortune confiscated by the IRS and were forced to move to the tiny town of Schitt’s Creek, which they happen to have acquired in an investment. Now, they are living in a rundown motel with their spoiled kids David and Alexis. This is a funny and charming comedy that gets better with each episode as the snobby Roses find their humanity.  

The Office

Anyone who has worked in an office can relate to The Office. We all know a Dwight or a Kevin and a Michael. Even though you might have watched The Office in the original run, it is like a warm blanket you can wrap up in on a cold day. Just be sure to binge this first. The Office is going to be migrating off of Netflix and onto NBC’s new pay service soon.

Parks and Rec

If you’re a fan of The Office, then you should also be a fan of Parks and Rec. After all, they were on the same night. When you’re looking for a ray of hope, then Leslie Knope will provide that in abundance. She proves that government can be a force for good as long as there are crazy people willing to work there

The Good Place

The Good Place might have been one of those shows you heard about but never got around to watching. It is definitely a show that should be watched from start to finish. It’s about four special characters who have all died and been sent to A Good Place until they realize they might not deserve to be in a Good Place. You won’t have any trouble binging watching this witty comedy.

New Girl

New Girl was a Fox comedy about a single gal moving in with three single dudes. They were expecting another dude. Once the characters are established, you’ll embrace all their zaniness. You’ll also relate to their struggles with co-habituating and romance.


This is a blast to the past all the way back to the 80s where the Glamour Ladies of Wrestling head sway. Fresh off her run in Mad Men, Alison Brie is awesome as the lady wrestler trying to make it all work with all of that hair.