How to Deal with Annoying Flight Passengers

A vacation is meant to provide you with a relaxing getaway. The goal is to reduce your stress. On your way to your vacation, you want to prepare by unwinding. On the way home, you want to extend that vacation “glow” as long as possible. What can interfere with those goals are annoying flight passengers. Too often you will be sharing the plane with folks who create their own “bubble” where they are free to do whatever they want without any regard to their fellow passengers. That shouldn’t be a hindrance to your traveling. There is a way to deal with annoying flight passengers that can keep you in that vacation frame of mind.

Set Up Your Comfort Zone

When flying, you need to embrace the concept that you’re often on your own when it comes to creating comfort. That means you should give yourself time before the flight to pick up a meal in the terminal. Whether you eat it before boarding or on the plane, at least it will be something you know that you’ll like. You should also invest in noise-canceling headphones to block out the ambient sounds of the flight. Be sure you’ve got your reading materials, playlists, and movies downloaded on your charged devices. And don’t discount the neck pillow and eye mask, especially if you plan on snoozing on the flight (and you should!)

Block Out Bad Smells with Essential Oils

You might encounter some bad smells when flying. Don’t focus on the source but the remedy. You could pack some essential oils or a refreshing face spray. Just be sure that what you plan on using isn’t overwhelming. You might want to test it out with a friend. Also, look for those scents that have a mass appeal like lavender. Very calming.

Nicely Confront the Seat-Kicker

Seat-Kickers are one of the biggest complaints about airline passengers. You have to make the distinction between the occasional bump versus the repeat offender. If you encounter a repeat offender, even if it is a kid, then you should turn around and nicely confront them. Tell them you are sorry to bother but there might be some kicking going on. Adults will usually scoot away and be aware of their space. Parents will put their kids on notice and stop the behavior (hopefully).

Ask to Recline

You can be the model passenger that everyone else will be inspired by when you ask the passenger behind you if it is okay if you recline your seat. They might be eating or working on a laptop and prefer that you didn’t. That’s okay and you should embrace honoring their request. That might set off a positive chain reaction of them asking everyone else in the line.

Watch Over Your Own Kids

If you’re traveling with kids, then expect to get the sneers as you walk them down the aisle to your seats. Kids have a reputation as being noisy and rambunctious passengers. Those kids are your responsibility and that means they need to know the plane isn’t home and they can’t do whatever they want. That way you’ll be creating responsible future flyers and that will definitely make the skies friendly.