How To Have Beautiful Hair

If you are looking for a quick hair care routine which can make your hair look wonderful and healthy, then here is a 5-minute shower routine which can help you in doing so.

The 5-Minute Shower Routine for Healthier

Who doesn’t want good, pretty and healthy hair? We all do! However, you need to put in a lot of effort to make it bloom. Here is a quick 5 minute shower routine and 3 simple  habits that can help you fix your hair. Let’s dig in!

  • Get a Hair Mask:

Hair masks usually don’t seem like a great thing but they actually are. There are various hair masks out there and some are being offered by great brands too. You obviously need to do your research before you get your hands on any. However, the OUAI Treatment Masque is great for your hair and it fixes split ends miraculously. You apply the hair mask 5 minutes before your shower.

  • Fix your Shower Habits:

A lot of showering habits are damaging for the hair. First, never wash your hair with hot water, even if its winter time. Make sure you wash your hair with cold or warm water. Cold water thickens your hair. Also, you must shampoo your scalp and condition the ends on your hair. Conditioning must never be done to the scalp. This softens your ends. It is not important for you to shampoo your ends; conditioning them will clean them just fine too.

  • Oiling is Important:

Split ends usually refer to extremely dry hair and that means that your hair needs oil and proper hydration. If you want long and beautiful hair, oiling it is very important because it stops the split ends from growing. Moroccan Oil is a savior in all and it repairs hair like magic. It also provides the right amount of moisture to your hair and makes it look fuller and smoother, just the way you want it to.

It is time to fix those spit ends and allow your hair to grow pretty and long. Split ends are the major reason due to which your hair is unable to grow and have a luxurious look.  We also usually overlook the importance of oiling our hair which results in dehydration of the scalp, causing immense dryness, dandruff and split ends. It is time that you embrace your beautiful hair and take care of it. Invest in a good hair mask, learn how to shampoo and condition the right way and don’t forget to oil it so that your scalp stays hydrated!

Happy long and beautiful hair day!