How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep – A Guide to Better Sleeping

How many times have you already yawned this morning? Are you yawning as you read the word yawn? We all know that yawning indicates you’re tired. Getting a good night’s sleep is key to making your day productive. Yet this is one of the most common problems we all face: getting to sleep and staying asleep. Here’s how to make better sleep happen:

Be Careful What You Take In

At this point in your life, you should know what kind of foods will “agree with you.” That doesn’t mean you won’t avoid those spicy menu options, just know they might be the things keeping you up at night. For better sleeping, you need to find the balance between being hungry or stuffed. Either end will keep you up. The same can be said for things like smoking, caffeine or alcohol. Anything with a jolt should be cut off by at least eight. As for the alcohol, it might seem like it makes you drowsy, but it can actually disrupt your sleeping later on.

Get Active

Being active during the day will help your sleeping at night. Just as with the food, timing is crucial. However, don’t exercise right before hitting the pillows as you might be too energized. An early morning workout could be just the ticket.

Embrace The Nap

Napping, done in moderation is a good thing. It actually makes for better sleeping than staying in bed later. The best approach is for the power nap. That would be a 30-minute snooze in the middle of the day. Just be aware that if ongoing insomnia is a genuine issue, then the naps might be getting in the way of your sleep.

Take A Warm Bath

When we lay down for sleep, our body temperature drops down, too. That’s why we’re always reaching for the blankets. It might help to keep your body temp elevated to help you drop off. Taking a soothing warm bath or soak in a hot tub right before bedtime could do the trick. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Keep The Pets Off The Bed

This could be crushing. However, all that pet dander and pet stirring have the potential to wreck your sleep. You’ve got plenty of time during the day to hang out with Fluffy and Fido. They don’t need to be in bed with you. How are your sleeping habits?