How to Hunt For a Ghost

photo by Monica Silva on Unsplash

It seems that every year, Halloween gets a bit bigger. More folks get into the decorating spirit. The parades feature an amazing array of extravagant costumes. Plus, you can’t get away with giving out lousy candy when your neighbors are handing out full Reese’s cups. Before getting too caught up in the lights, the outfits, and the candy, it might be time to get back to basics. We’re talking about going on a ghost hunt. After all, what good is Halloween unless you have a ghost story to tell?

Here’s How You Can Co on The Hunt For a Ghost:

Know Your Ghost

Before embarking on your hunt, you should know your ghost. According to the experts, ghosts are spirits of the dead wandering certain locations because they don’t know they’re dead. They could also have some unfinished business to take care of even if they died a hundred years ago. You might also encounter a residual haunting. This is kind of like a video playback of an event that is on a loop.

If you have a specific target location for your ghost hunt, it might help to know the history of the place. For instance, who died there or who was murdered? Are you getting scared just reading that?

Know Your Equipment

You’re going to want a flashlight, a fully charged phone for the camera, watch and backup batteries. You can also bring along digital video cameras and audio recorders. Check all this equipment before you get into the location. It might also help if you know how to turn it on and off in the dark.

A Good Thing to Practice at Home

If you really want to get fancy, then try to pick up an EMF detector. The Electromagnetic Field Detector can find and fluctuations in energy fields. It’s kind of like having radar for ghosts. When an EMF “blips” it doesn’t mean you’ll see the ghost, just that there was a shift in the energy and that’s a good time to hit “record” on all your other devices.

Know Your Location

Every town has those ghost hot zones. These would be the abandoned homes, schools, jails or mental wards that have a rich history of ghost sightings. Ghosts have also been reported at hotels, restaurants, churches, and museums. If you’re going to a location that is owned by somebody else, you should get permission first.

It is also important to visit the location in the daytime. That will give you a chance to familiarize yourself with the exits. Yes, your prime ghost hunting will be done in pitch black so you better know your way around.

Know the Routine

When you arrive at your ghostly destination, you’ll want to walk around and give the spirits a chance to get to know you. This when you would also set up your equipment. Hopefully, you’re not ghost hunting alone. If you have teams, then you can break up and cover more area at the location. Be sure to rotate those teams in order to maximize your chances for a viewing.

Know-How to Say Good-bye

Finally, before you leave it is suggested that you gather your team and say out loud that you don’t want any of the spirits following you home. Also, thank them for their time and wish them a pleasant journey.

The more people looking for ghosts, the more ghosts that can be found!