How To Save Even More At Target

Target has increasingly carved out a strong position on the shopping front. It has evolved into a “one-stop” destination where you can stock up on groceries, get a new jacket, a few Blu-Rays and some bedding. It is also a store that understands the value of offering a value to its customers. They want you to be a consistent shopper and that means providing good deals on a regular basis. You can certainly find plenty of great deals without looking any deeper but with a few tweaks to your shopping routine, you might be able to save even more at Target. Here’s how:

Get the App

How many apps do you have on your phone that you never use? It’s time to clean out those apps and put in the ones that matter. Case in point: The Target store app. This will provide you with instant discounts on a wide range of products. Not only should you be using this to plan your shopping trip but keep it open while you’re actually in the store. And every Target store has free Wi-Fi so you won’t have to eat up your date plan!

Open a Target REDcard

Every Target customer is asked about signing up for a Target REDcard upon checkout. This is a card that can be used as a debit or a credit card. What you’ll always get is a five percent discount on everything right off the top. That might not seem like a lot but that five percent can add up especially when you use it at the instore Starbucks. And when you use your Target card at the online store, you get automatic free shipping.

Utilize the Price Match

Did you know Target has a price match policy? They do and it can save you but it takes a little effort. When you find something in the story that is of a significant price, use the Amazon app to scan the product. If Amazon offers the same product at a lower price, then target will match it. You just have to show it at the checkout on the way out.

Watch Out for Clearances

Target usually puts clearance items at aisle endcaps and every department has clearance. It’s a good idea to buzz by those spots to see what’s on sale and at Target, everything is one sale. It just depends on how deep you can go!