How To Stay Healthy Through The Holidays

The holiday season begins in the week leading up to Thanksgiving and ends on New Years Day. In between you could find yourself going to a lot of gatherings, parties, functions and special dinners. There will also be a lot of shopping which puts you in the heart of crowds and traffic. When you add all of that up, it could be the that holidays are the most fun time of the year but also the most hectic and potentially stressful. That is why you need to fortify yourself in order to stay healthy through the holidays. One bad cold can knock you out for days and that can really mess up your social calendar.

Here’s how you can stay health through the holidays:

Practice Smart Eating

Practicing smart eating isn’t just about what you eat but also how you eat. We can all agree that during the holidays we’ll be presented with opportunities to indulge and veer off our diets. There is nothing wrong with that provided you embrace moderation. At a big dinner like Thanksgiving, don’t rush for second helpings of everything. Wait ten minutes after eating your dinner to see if you’re really “full.” It might take that much time to align up the physical sensations of being full with your brain’s signals.
When heading to a party, avoid going on an empty stomach. It is the same rule when going grocery shopping. An empty stomach leads to bad choices and potential over eating. When it is time for dessert, eat slow and savor what you’re enjoying. You might only need a few bites to feel satisfied.

Drink Your Water

Our body’s total weight is made up over around 60% of water. We need that hydration for most of our bodily functions to operate as they should. You should regularly be drinking water throughout the day and that is especially important for your holiday parties. You should alternate every cocktail with a glass of water. That can also go a long way towards preventing a hangover the next day.

Adjust Your Workout Routines

As your calendar fills up, you might find it hard to devote the same amount of time to working out as you do outside of the holidays. It might help to break up your workout routines. Instead of hitting the gym for 30 to 45 minutes in the morning, try to get in a 15-minute workout and then later on go for a 10-minute walk twice a day. That would literally mean walking out of your front door for five minutes and then turn around and come home. Bottom line: Try to stay as active just at different times.

Avoid Germs

You’re going to be heading into environments that will be breeding grounds for cold and flu viruses. It helps to get flu shot to prevent the onset of that kind if illness. It is also important to make sure you are constantly washing your hands especially after a round of “handshakes.” Try to keep your hands from rubbing your eyes unless they are clean. That is how you transfer cold germs. Carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer is also a smart move. If you do catch a cold, then do everyone in your world a favor and stay home until it passes. Rest and fluids can help beat back that cold.