Could You Live Like A Billionaire?

Millionaires, billionaires, and gazillionaires. These are the folks who don’t worry about tax day because they have enough money to hire a team of lawyers that will keep them from paying taxes. Is that fair? Technically, they aren’t breaking the law as much as they are using loopholes. That leaves them with piles of money. We’re talking “Scrooge McDuck dive into a pool of gold coins” kind of money. Could these folks spend all that cash in a lifetime? Probably not but that’s not going to keep them from trying. Here’s how you can live like a billionaire:

Getting Around

The rich like to travel on their schedule. This means coming up with a private mode of transportation. That’s where private jets come into play. Mega-rich dude Warren Buffett used to mock other mega rich dudes for flying in private jets. Then he saw the Gulfstream IV, and it was love at first flight. This plane can fly 16 passengers and comes fully equipped with flat-screen TVs, a full kitchen, a bedroom, and shower. Price? A cool sixteen million. If you don’t want to bother with all the hassle of jet ownership, then you can still fly the friendly amenity skies by chartering a private jet at $143,000 for a one-way trip. BTW, if someone ever offers you a ride on a private jet… take it!

Once on the ground, the mega-billionaires like to ride in luxury. A decent Rolls Royce can set you back around $350,000. ¬†However, that’s not the priciest car on the road. The limited edition McLaren F1 supercar was last built in 1998. There are only 64 of these cars on the street, and they sell for around $1.7 million. How upset would you be if you got a ding in a million dollar car?

Chilling Out

In between counting money, the billionaire needs a place to relax from the stress of being rich. For that kind of chillaxing, you’re going to need your own island. Virgin Airlines owner Richard Branson bought a 74-acre island in the Virgin Islands (of course), and now he turned it into a resort at $1,700 per person per night. If you have $20 million to spare, then you can pick up a 20-acre island that just went on sale. Perks include a coconut grove and untarnished beach.

All The Comforts

It goes without saying that if you’ve got money to burn, then you’ll want a cozy mansion to burn it on. What good is a mansion without the right domestic help? A good Downton Abby kind of butler will set you back at around $60,000 per year. A personal chef could run as high as $180,000. If you’re super-duper rich, then you’re going to have more than one chef on the payroll. Perhaps a different chef for every meal? Why not?

Naturally, this kind of spending borders on the ridiculous. But as the saying goes, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!