The Big Do’s and Don’ts of Modern Parenting

We’ve established that we’re living in the best time to be a parent. That’s thanks to all the apps and easy online shopping. So, we have the stuff to read and buy, but we still have to deal with that mini-human on so many levels. There are a few things new parents need to embrace right out of the gate. First of all, you’re not alone. There is literally endless support available from a wide variety of sources. Try Googling, “Help; I’m a new parent!” You’ll be treated to 1,360,000,000 results in 0.52 seconds. Of course, nothing beats that moment when you can look into your baby’s eyes and know exactly what they are thinking. While you’re waiting for that awesome connection, consider these top do’s and don’ts of modern parenting.

The Do’s:

  • Respond to your baby crying

Look this is a new being who hasn’t figure things out yet. Even something as simple as your baby conking their head with these crazy things called hands can startled them awake and get them crying. What will you do then? Pick them up of course. Wouldn’t you like to be cuddled when you’ve had a nightmare?

  • Talk Through Everything

Your newborn is literally going to learn everything from you. That includes how to talk. You should be talking them through everything as in, “Good morning, baby. Look what a wonderful present you’ve left me in your diapers. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re changing that diaper, getting you cleaned up and then spend some peek-a-boo time. You with me? Let’s do this.” Extra points for being silly. Kids love the silly.

  • Start To Eat Better

Breastfeeding is all the rage. Even the Pope has encouraged breastfeeding in the Vatican. Most doctors recommend breastfeeding for at least the first six months, but there is no reason why you can’t go even longer. Your baby will be getting the best nutrients available. Isn’t it time that you do the same? Not the breastfeeding, but cooking healthy meals! Yes, the temptation to pop something into the microwave will always be there but you’ve got a golden opportunity to set up a new approach to eating that will be good when the kid is ready to pick up a spoon.

  • Be Consistent

A newborn isn’t going to get into any trouble that won’t be instantly forgiven. As they get older, it will be time to lay down some rules. You need to be consistent with your co-parent. There are no “good cops and bad cops” when it comes to parenting. Being consistent will allow you to build trust between you and your child and that is the whole ball game.

The Don’ts

  • Watch Television For Two Years

The horror! Here’s the deal, your kid will have plenty of time to watch television when they get old. However, for the first two years, they should not be plopped in front of the TV as a “distraction.” Their little brains need better stimulation. This doesn’t mean you can’t watch TV, but if you’re with your baby, it’s all about eye contact. In other words, they need to be facing you and not the tube.

  • Get Caught Up In Other Parenting Styles

Hopefully, you’ll find a new group of moms and dads to hang out with. This is when you put the kids down on a big blanket with some toys and let them have at it. You’ll also become very familiar with these other parenting styles. You can always learn something, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow everything some other parent is doing. You’ll adapt to your own style. Guess what? That will be as close to perfect as it can be.

  • Forget To Take Pictures

You probably don’t need this reminder, but we’re living in the age of instant documentation. You’ve probably got a complete set of “baby in the womb” photos. Won’t that be a nice freak out when you kid gets older? Seriously, don’t skip on the photos and videos.

Are you ready for your baby?