6 Easy Steps to Create a Profitable Garage Sale

Everyone has “stuff” to get rid of. These would be all those items we have either outgrown, no longer have use for or wonder why we bought them in the first place. When it comes to clearing out the stuff, you have three basic options: Trash it, donate it or sell it. Before you pull the trigger on the first two options, you might consider the third way as a method of putting some cash directly in your pocket. Of course, you could sell most of what you would put out at a garage sale on eBay. However, you might run into some shipping issues if you’re trying to move out a coffee table or dining room chairs. Instead, go for the garage sale and follow these tips to make sure your sale is a profitable one.

Tip #1: Advertise

What if you threw a garage sale and nobody came? Well, then you would be poorer and stuck with stuff. You need to advertise. Make the investment in some sturdy poster board and colorful kid paint. Try to make the signs neat and easy to read from a distance. Remember, most folks will only see this sign from their car. You should also put up a notice on Craigslist.

Tip #2: Price Everything

You’re going to be doing a lot of haggling during your garage sale but you should always start with your first offer. That would be the price you assign to the item. You’ll find that having a price on a label will help with the negotiating process. All you need are some white sticker labels and a Sharpie and you’re good to go.

Tip #3: Optimize Your Display

As you throw open your garage doors to bring forth all your sale items, give a thought to the display on your driveway. Group similar items together. Clothing in one section, toys in another. Think of yourself as a mini-department store. If you have some truly unique items, then you want to make sure they are down front for all eyes to see. This is also good advertising for anyone passing by.

Tip #4: Cash And Carry

Although you want to get rid of your things, you also don’t want to be ripped off. If someone is going to buy, they need cash. They can’t write a check or promise to come back with the rest of the money. You can hold something, but tell the potential buyer the limits as in, “You’ve got an hour to come up with the dough or the KISS poster is gone!”

If you’re selling a lot of items for bigger amounts (anything over $20) you could accept credit cards through Smartphone apps like Square or PayPal Here. These services all charge a transaction fee so you don’t want to use them for your fifty-cent videotapes.

Tip #5: Embrace The Haggle

You need to go into a garage sale knowing you’re not going to get what you originally paid for that item. That’s okay because you no longer want it anyway. If the goal is to clear out stuff, then you might want to bundle items. If someone offers a $1 for a book, give them two for the price of one.

Tip #6: Bring In The Neighbors

If you can coordinate your garage sale with your neighbor, then you might attract more buyers.

Above all else, have fun! Even if you only get a few bucks at the end of the day, you’ll still be ahead. What do you want to get rid of?