Making Achievable New Year’s Resolutions

Every New Year’s Eve sets up the potential to “reboot” your life. That starts with your New Year’s Eve resolutions. We can all stipulate that the top of any resolution list will be getting into shape. That can involve going on a diet and working out. Everyone can embrace that but those don’t have to be the only changes that you work on for 2021. Here are some other achievable New Year’s Resolutions to put into action:

Set Up a Household Budget

Saving money often comes right after losing weight on the resolution list. That saving can’t happen until you set up a household budget. There are plenty of apps that can help with this goal. It all comes down to putting down the money you bring in each month and the money you have to pay out each month. Seeing how that breaks down can help you identify those areas where you can start saving.

Cook a Something New Each Week

We have meal challenges every single day. Those challenges really boil down to what we’re going to eat for those meals. Some “picks” are easy: It’s what you have leftover or can microwave. You should try to cook something new each week. That can be something new for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some of those new meals could go into the rotation. And with each new dish, you’ll become that much better of a cook.

Read More Books

There is a vast world of literature waiting to be consumed. Much of that literature can be downloaded right onto your iPad. Imagine if you could devote just 30 minutes a day to reading a book. You will find yourself enriched by leaps and bounds!

Make a Cleaning Schedule

Your home needs to be clean. That is one of the tasks in life that often seems to be put off until you have no excuse left. Making a cleaning schedule and sticking to it can help you take care of that task in a timely manner. Consider doing it on your day off, first thing in the morning. You’ll feel a lot better once it is done.


No matter where you live, there is an abundance of opportunities to volunteer. You can lean into your specific likes for volunteers. That might mean cleaning up a local beach or park, reading for kids at the library or building a home for Habitat for Humanity. Of all your resolutions, you might find this one to be the most rewarding!