The Benefits Of “Me Time”

Have you ever had someone tell you that they need some “me time?” Did that make you feel like you were “crowding them out?” That is understandable but it is also understandable that “me time” or time alone is vital for our own sanity. This is not something that has to come as a reward for completing all your tasks and errands (although that is a good time). Instead, you should think of “me time” as the time that can be a huge benefit to your overall well-being.

Here’s what “me time” matters:

It Allows You To Recharge

There is a certain part of “me time” that should allow you to do whatever you want. However, for the full benefits of “me time,” you should consider disengaging from all social media and the Internet. All of those interactions require your own reactions. That is true whether it is an email from work or a Facebook post someone wants you to “like.” All of that takes away from the time you need to recharge yourself but being alone with your own thoughts. You don’t have to respond to anyone!

You Get To Reconnect To Nature

Sometimes the only way to achieve true “me time” is to get out of the house. That is especially true when you’re sharing an environment with roommates or your family. By going outside you’re getting an infusion of nature starting with the vitamin D benefits of sunshine. If you can make your way to a park or a walk in the woods, then all the better.

You Can De-Clutter Your Brain

From the moment you wake up in the morning, you’re executing plans. Those can involve everything from getting kids ready for school to all the work projects. When you disengage from all of that, you are giving your brain a rest. That allows it to de-clutter and drop off the facts and thoughts that don’t really matter. All of this will help you have a sharper focus when you get back to action.

You Take Care of Things That Matter To You

Your “me time” can let you take care of things on your personal “to do” list that really only matter to you. You don’t have to justify those tasks and activities to anyone. By doing some things that matter just to you, there will be a boost in your self-esteem and pride in a sense of accomplishment.
Best of all, you don’t even have to tell anyone what you did during your “me time.” Just do it.