Make Your Next Road Trip Extra Safe

After being cooped up in your home, it is understandable that you and your family are eager to hit the road for a vacation. Just being able to see something other than the four walls you have been staring at for months will be a big break. Unlike flying, a road trip allows you to have a lot more control over who you might come in contact with. If you are road tripping, then this is what you should do to be extra safe:

Pack A COVID Kit

You’ll want to pack up a COVID kit for your travel. That should include plenty of masks and/or face shields. Embrace the idea that those masks are disposable and will probably be left behind at some point so have a backup. Your cup holder should also have a bottle of hand sanitizer at the ready. When everyone gets back in the car, the sanitizer should be shared. The same can be said for disinfecting wipes and paper towels. You should also have a box of disposable gloves, too.

Do Your Homework

There is a lot to be said for just hopping in the car and going where the road takes you. However, you might want to do some research first. If you can focus on a destination, then find out what is open in that area. It would be sad to go on a long trip to visit your favorite museum or restaurant only to find that they are temporarily closed. There might also be certain states that require you to quarantine for 14 days. That might put a damper on the vacation plans.

Be Extra Careful in Bathrooms

Before the pandemic, you probably were already being careful in a public restroom. Now you have to take that to a whole other level. You should always wear a mask in the restroom and practice social distancing. Ideally, you should only spend 10 minutes in the bathroom and avoid touching surfaces. This might be where your disposal gloves come in handy. Just be sure to remove them and toss them out before you get back into the car. You’ll be washing your hands (if they aren’t gloved) but try to dry them with a paper towel. The blow dryers aren’t good.

Be Extra Careful at Gas Stations

The same precautions you are using at a public restroom should be in effect at a gas station. Wear gloves to pump your gas. If you don’t need to go inside, then try to pay at the pump to reduce your contact with other people.

Bring Your Own Snacks

One of the ways you can avoid going into the roadside gas station is to bring your own snacks. A mini-cooler is perfect for water, sodas, and fruit. If you a grabbing lunch, then consider going through a drive-thru and picnicking instead of dining in the restaurant.

Think Ahead to Your Hotel

If your road trip is going to involve a hotel stay, then make sure the hotel is taking reservations and try to limit your time at the front desk. You might also want to forgo maid service for the duration of your stay. Yes, it is nice to come back to a clean room but it is even nicer to reduce contact. And before you unpack, wipe down every surface with your disinfectant. The room was probably clean but don’t take chances. And don’t forget all the handles, light switches, doorknobs, and TV remote.