Must Do Projects for New Homeowners

Most people and families move into new homes in late spring and early summer. If that’s your situation, then Congratulations!  It’s a moment certainly worth celebrating.

Okay, done celebrating? Time to get to work!

In addition to unpacking all the boxes, you’ve got a brand new set of “to-do” items that you should knock out right away.

From this moment forward, you’re in charge. There is no landlord to call up when things go wrong.

That’s why it’s vital you stay on top of the maintenance.

You also want to look for ways to bring your monthly costs down.

You’re already paying a big mortgage. Do you want to add to that monthly nut by hiring a repairman every other day?

Here are some terrific projects that every new homeowner should jump on ASAP:

Lower Your Hot Water Temperature

The best temp for your hottest water should be 120 degrees. The previous owner might have dialed that number a bit. You don’t need to go there.

While you’re at it, you might also check the water pressure. Yes, we all like a strong flow in our shower. However, higher pressure could result in damage to your pipes. Do you want to deal with that headache?

 Check Your Insulation

You might have already done this as part of the inspection.

Now that you’re in the house, you want to ensure your unfinished attic has a fresh insulation coating.

You can also add a water heater blanket around that unit.

The little amount you’ll pay for this blanket will come back in a lower heating bill many times over.

If you have any exposed water pipes, give them a good insulation wrapping as well.

Look For Leaks

There are two types of leaks you should be on the prowl for in your new home.

These would-be water and air.

The water leaks are easy to trace.

Take the time to go through all the bathroom and kitchen sinks, the laundry hooks up, and toilets. Make sure there isn’t a drop of water coming from any of those fixtures.

If so, jump on the repair right away. The same goes for a running toilet. Catch it if you can.

As for air leaks, these would be found around window casements and doors.

Those leaks, however small, let warm and cold air out. That will have you ratcheting up the thermostat when you don’t need to.

 Make A Check List

There are also ongoing maintenance items like swapping out batteries in fire alarms, changing air filters in vents, and flushing out the septic system. Create a checklist, set alarm reminders on your phone, and you’ll be on top of things.

The more work you can do around the house, the more you’ll be able to save.

That’s worth celebrating, too!

Let us know if you have any tips for saving around the house.