Power Up Your Credit Card Benefits

Once we’ve been accepted for a credit card we know the routine: Charge and pay the bill. Many folks have even given up the actual paper statements and instead handle all the payments online. There might be a quick glance at the monthly charges to make sure everything is right. Beyond that we don’t really pay attention to our credit cards and probably delete the emails that come from the company. It might be time to slow down and read the “fine print.” There could be a lot of benefits from your credit card that you’re not even using. Consider the following:

Extended Warranty

Electronic devices are reasonably affordable. That means you don’t need a warranty beyond the typical one-year that is offered by the manufacturer. After all, in a year, you might replace the gadget all together. Still, all electronic stores try to get you to sign up for an extended warranty. Guess what? Your credit card might offer that. It could turn a one-year warranty into a two-year warrant. You’ll definitely be upgrading after that!

Concierge Service

A credit card concierge service isn’t the same as customer service. Think of a concierge as your own private investigator. But instead of solving mysteries, they’re going to help you book tickets, make reservations and get a table at a hot new restaurant. They want you to use their credit card for all of those charges so they’re going to be a big help.

Rental Car Insurance

Just when you think you’re paying a great rate on a rental car, they suggest insurance that bumps everything up. You might not need to add that insurance if you’re paying with certain credit cards. That’s a nice savings for a vacation.

Price Protection

Buyer’s remorse happens when you buy and item and then find it on sale a few days later. Some credit cards offer price protection that will reimburse you for the difference provided you can prove it within a certain amount of time. That’s a sweet deal.

Free Checked Baggage

If you have a credit card issued by an airline, then using that to buy your tickets could mean skipping on the extra baggage fees. Plus, you’d be getting all those miles, too.

One call to your credit card company can unlock all those benefits. Put that to work today.