Five Cyber Shopping Hacks To Save Money

Hacks are those shortcuts that make life easier. There are hacks for everything including cyber shopping. Now you might be saying to yourself, “Hey, isn’t cyber shopping already supposed to be a great deal?” Often it is but that doesn’t mean you can’t get even better deals. Here are the cyber shopping hacks you can use anytime of the year to save even more money:

Check In Before You Check Out

Two of your most favorite words when cyber shopping should be “Promotional Codes.” These are the special passwords you can use for additional discounts on what you’ve bought. Nearly every web business that sells stuff has a box for promotional codes to fill in before checking out. You say you don’t have a promotional code? Fear not. All you have to do is contact customer service and ask. It’s better if there is a “live chat” on the website. Many of these operators have been instructed to pass out promotional codes when they are requested. Sweet deal!

Like Everybody

If you have some frequent places where you shop, then you should be liking and following them all across social media. Wherever they have a page or feed, get in on that action. This is usually where you’ll find bonus discounts using those promotional codes! There will also be the occasional sweepstakes drawing. It can pay to follow stores.

Fill Up Your Virtual Shopping Cart

Here’s something you need to know about online retailers: They’re watching your every move but that can be a good thing. When you spend time on a site like Amazon and browse or purchase stuff, you’re expanding your shopper profile. That is how they’ll make recommendations. Another way is to fill up your virtual shopping cart and then leave the stuff there. You might get a PING a few days later asking if you forgot to buy something. That is when the discounts could start flowing. This probably isn’t a good strategy for a quick holiday gift purchase but for a self-gift that you can wait for it is a good way to save!

Wait For Free Shipping

You should never pay for shipping. That is easier said than done. However, there are ways around that. Amazon Prime has free shipping on most of their stuff. Plus, those super awesome promotional codes could also include free shipping. Ask! The best way to avoid shipping costs is to wait until December 18th. This is traditionally Free Shipping Day across many retail outlets. Think of this as a bonus for procrastinators.

Force a Lower Price

This applies to Amazon shoppers. If you buy something from LLC and then see a lower price for the same item within seven days, you could be entitled to a credit for that discount amount. That means you have to pay attention to what you bought. The quickest way to get the discount is go to “live chat” with a rep.

Another way to get a lower price on Amazon is if you see the item offered for sale on another website. Every product has a “product details” tab. That is where you click on “Tell us about a lower price.” Share your link and then check back in a couple of days. You might find the price is lower. If you get free shipping, then it is a double-bonus!

Start shopping!