Put Coupons To Work To Save At The Grocery Store

There are many fans of extreme sports. You can go extreme mountain climbing, extreme biking or extreme scuba diving. To go extreme is to push yourself to the limits and go the extra mile for the thrill. What about extreme couponing? The downside to extreme couponing is a possible papercut. Those can sting. The upside would be all the extra cash you’ll make by cutting your food costs way down. Go extreme enough, and those costs can be reduced by half. Whether you’re new to the concept of couponing or an old pro, you can benefit from these extreme couponing tips:

One Sunday Paper Is Good. Three Are Better

The best source for coupons has always been the Sunday Newspaper. Yes, they still print newspapers. In fact, it is all those coupons that keep them in business. If you have your “go to” Sunday paper for coupons, you might consider expanding your reach with several other papers. You only have to subscribe for the weekend, and it will pay for itself with all your coupon savings.

Stack Them Up

As you dive into the wonderful world of extreme couponing, you’re going to become familiar with the jargon. Stacking coupons means you can use a manufacturer’s coupon with the store coupon for double savings. That’s like the Holy Grail for couponers. You’ll want to separate your BOGO coupons from your OYNO coupons. That would be “Buy One Get One Free” and “On Your Next Purchase” coupons respectively. Spend some time on a couponing community forum, and you’re sure to get hip to the lingo.

Follow The Sales

Depending on your location, you might be limited to your grocery store options. However, if you live in a multiple store zone, then it will pay to shop around. The same item you find at one place you always shop at could be greatly reduced at the other store. It will pay to shop around. Every grocery store puts out their own coupons. Go find them!

Don’t Forget Online

A quick Google search for “grocery store coupons” yielded 48,000,000 results. There are a lot of online coupons you can access. Most of these can be printed and used while others can pop up on your Smartphone. Either way, no shopping trip should begin without first visiting your bookmarked online coupon sites.

Stay Organized

To make extreme couponing work, you need to stay organized. For some, this means a binder full of coupons encased in tabulated plastic sleeves. For others it is a handy-dandy pouch with different folders will do the trick. Make sure you use your coupons before they expire.

A Smile Goes A Long Way

Finally, you want to be very nice to your grocery store checkers. These are the folks who could reject your stackable coupons. On the other hand, if you build up a relationship with these checkers, they’ll let it slide. It will be like winning at the tables in Vegas every time! Are you ready to become an extreme couponer?