6 Classic Books To Read With Your Newborns

When is the best time to start reading with your newborn? How about the first day you bring them home from the hospital? That is correct. It is never too early to start reading to your baby. Clearly, they’re going to have no clue what you’re saying. However, you’ll be sharing with them, their most favorite thing in the whole wide world: the sound of your voice. Be sure to make eye contact, goofy faces, and funny noises. Just watch how fast they’ll start to respond. Plus, if you can lock in the idea that “book” + “reading” = “fun” then you’ve taught them their first valuable lesson. Here are some terrific books to start reading to your newborn ASAP:

Good Night Moon

This is a must-have for any child’s library. It’s the classic story of a bunny in pajamas saying goodnight to everything around him. Aside from the overriding cuteness factor, this is a very comforting ritual to share with a baby. Plus, they love those rhymes. Who doesn’t? There is also a board version of this book complete with a stuffed bunny.

Black On White

Its black shadow drawings on white background. It’s also a bestseller. Why? Like everything else, babies’ eyes are developing. They’re not going to be able to handle 3D Avatar colors quite yet. These high contrast images are just the ticket. As they get older, they’ll start recognizing the shapes and associating the words. Welcome to speech development.

Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book

If you are feeling a bit self-conscious about being silly in front of your baby, then read a Dr. Seuss out loud. He takes care of all the silliness for you. In this wonderful collection, there are all kinds of sassy poems that compel the reader to go all sing-songy. Nothing wrong with that. Remember, there are a gazillion Dr. Seuss books and everyone should be read at some point.

Look, Look!

No, seriously, look! This is another great monochromatic book chock full of easy to comprehend pictures. It’s the perfect read for tummy time.

Pat the Bunny Touch And Feel Book

At around three months (which will fly by fast), your baby will be reaching out to touch everything. This special edition features all kinds of colors, shapes, and textures to take in. If you have a chance to pat a bunny, you’re going to pat a bunny.

Where Is Baby’s Belly Button?

Very soon, your baby will be in search of a whole range of things. With this tome, you’ll start them out on the basics of finding their hands, eyes, feet and, of course, the belly button. As a bonus, you’ll be able to introduce the concept of “innie” and “outie.” What is your favorite baby book?