Redesign Your Kitchen For Diet Success

Your kitchen is going to become “ground zero” for your dieting efforts. Although you might be eating out and making healthy choices, everything else comes from the kitchen. That means every time you step in there you have decisions to make regarding your eating choices. It will help if you can redesign your kitchen for your diet success. We’re not talking about a floor to ceiling remodel but instead, small changes that can have a big influence on your eating habits. Here’s what you need to do:

Keep Measuring Cups and Spoons Handy

The key to diet success is portion control. Do you know what a few ounces of protein is supposed to look like? You will if you measure things out. This won’t become a daily ritual. Once you get a sense of how big portions really are, then you’ll be able to measure things without the tools.

Put Fruit on Display

You’re hungry and head into the kitchen. Before you open a cabinet or the fridge, you should let fruit “stop you in your tracks.” Put apples, pears, oranges and bananas in a basket right on the countertop so that they’re always in visual range. Grab a piece and walk out. Hunger problem solved.

Hide the Treats

If you live alone, then it is easy to manage the sweet treats: Don’t buy any. But if you’re sharing your home with those who are on the same plan, then treats might slip pass the boarders. At the very least you should hide those treats or ask someone to hide them for you. This would fall under the category of “out of sight, out of mind.”

Store Up the Healthy Foods

It might not always be easy to get to the grocery store. That often means making “fast” choices for food and that can be a problem. It will help if you can store up the healthy foods like frozen veggies or fruit. You should also have packages of brown rice, canned beans and nuts in the pantry. There are plenty of combinations you can whip up with those staples for a healthy dinner.

Keep Food in the Kitchen

All the work you’re doing to redesign your kitchen for diet success will go right out the window if you’re spreading food around the house. Say goodbye to the candy dish in the living room and the stash of salty snacks in the bedroom. All your food choices should be found in the kitchen where the good stuff is.