Secrets Of Your Cruise Cabin

A cruise is really like a floating hotel but with a lot more fun. On the cruise, your room is your cabin. Obviously, you want this to be a comfortable and clean space even if you won’t be spending a lot time here. Unlike a hotel room, there are some special “elements” of a cruise cabin that are meant to enhance your stay. Many of these amenities you might not even be aware of. If you’re going on a cruise, then you’ll want to know the secrets of your cruise cabin:

The Walls are Magnetic

With all the decoration in your cabin, you might forget they the ship is made of steel. That includes your cabin walls and that makes them magnetic. You should pack some magnets and put them to work hanging up the many handouts about cruise activities that you’ll be given. Great place for excursion tickets, too.

There is No Bathroom Ventilation

Just like a hotel bathroom, your cabin won’t have any bathroom ventilation. It is not like you can throw open a window. This is why you should think ahead to bringing air freshener. Just remember you can’t bring anything that you have to light with a flame like a candle.

Look Under Your Bed for Extra Storage

Closet space will be at a premium on your cabin. After unpacking your clothes, you might feel crowded out by your empty suitcases. The solution can be found under the bed. There could be enough room to stow your suitcases there. Smart move.

Beds Can be Rearranged

You walk into your cabin and discover two twin beds but you want one big bed. That won’t be an issue. Ask the steward to rearrange the beds into your preferred configuration. Those same beds could be moved around to a different position if you prefer. Give it a try.

Watch Out for the Wind Tunnel

If you have a balcony in your cabin, then be sure to keep the balcony door closed at the same time as your cabin door. If you open both at once, then you could create a wind tunnel that will blow everything around the room that isn’t attached to the walls by a magnet!

The Tap Water is Safe

The tap water in your cabin is safe to drink. In fact, it might even be safer than you home tap water. For the record, all the water on the ship goes through the same filtration system so the water in your cabin is no different than the water in your home.