Get Your Garage Organized

On Saturday mornings all across America, millions of homeowners wander into their garages not to be seen again until supper. This is “tinkering time” where cars are repair, appliances are fixed and any number of “to do” projects are taken care of. There might even by some kicking back and listening to a ball game. If you’re one of those lucky garage owners, then you would certainly benefit from having things organized. Here’s what you should do:

Get a Toolbox

The garage is the storage place for tools but can you always find the right tool that you’re looking for? You would if it was in a tool box. The tool box shouldn’t become a version of the “junk drawer.” It should be for all your most frequently used tools to go. If you want to really get organized, then consider one of the industrial rolling tool boxes like you would find in any auto mechanics garage.

Keep it Cozy

Even though a majority of garages are attached to the house, they don’t always get the same HVAC treatment as the rest of the property. That’s why you should have a space heater in the winter and oscillating fan in the summer. It won’t always be convenient to open the garage door so you want to keep it cozy while you tinker.

Lights Up

Garages are notoriously for bad lighting. Very few have windows so any light that comes in has to be provided by overhead lights. The single bare bulb might not cut it. That’s why you want to hang additional strips of light so you’ll never be in the dark when working in the garage.

Utilize Wall Storage

Your garage is going to become the family’s “storage locker.” There is just no way to avoid that. But there is a way to keep it organized and that begins with utilizing wall storage. This can take many forms. One side could be dedicated shelving and plastic bins while the opposite wall can be a peg board for hanging everything from a bike to a chainsaw. The good thing with both of those options is that they’re adjustable.

Speaking of storage, you can also look up for more space. There might be a chance to build loft shelfing for those items that aren’t always in use like summer sports gear or holiday decorations.

Label Everything

Every drawer and box in your garage needs a label. This will let you know in a glance just what you’re keeping and where it is. As an added bonus, you get to invest in a label maker. Who doesn’t love that?

Get Rid of the Clutter

Finally, the best thing you can do to get your garage organized is to get rid of the clutter. That will be easy because as you’re looking for a permanent “home” for all the things you’re keeping, you’re going to come across all the stuff that can go. Once cleared of the clutter, you’ll open up a lot more space… and for more stuff!