What Is Keeping You Up At Night?

For many folks, the first thought they have when waking up in the morning is when will they be able to get back to sleep at night. As you cruise through your day, you’re still thinking about that blissful sleep you have plan. Then finally, you hit the sheets and dose off but something happens. You jolt awake and can’t get back to sleep. That’s a problem but one that is easily identified by figuring out what is keep you up at night and eliminating it.


No matter how much we try to unwind, we still bring a lot of the day’s stress with us to bed. It helps if the bedroom environment is conducive for good sleep. Dark curtains on the windows and maybe a weighted blanket will help bring comfort. If you still can’t drift off because your brain is going overtime, then get up and go into a different room. You don’t want to associate your bedroom with “tossing and turning.” It might help to write down what is going on and try to come up with a solution. If the solution is out of your control for the night, then get some sleep.

Too Much Noise

Is noise keeping you up? That noise could be coming from the radiator, the street or your sleeping partner. A white noise machine might be able to block out ambient noise but you would still have that white machine noise. Earplugs can help but not with a partner who tosses and turns. That might help with the noise but not with a partner that is moving about. You could sleep on a bed with two single mattress pushed together so you won’t feel the ripple effects of the tossing.

Too Many Drinks

A glass of wine before bed might be relaxing but more than that can be prohibitive to a good night’s rest. In fact, any fluids 90 minutes before sleep might be the cause of keeping you awake if you find yourself in the need of bathroom breaks.