Special Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Are Sure To Please

photo by Sharon Mccutcheo on Unsplash

We can stipulate for the record that on Valentine’s Day there is a traditional trinity of gifts. That would be flowers, chocolates, and a card. Most often that trinity is given together as a “complete” Valentine’s Day gift. A small stuffed teddy bear could be added for good measure. Those gifts are certainly appreciated and actually work for both genders. What if you’ve given those gifts every year? Or maybe this is your first Valentine’s Day together and you really want to make an impression.

There is nothing wrong with having the “trinity” as a back-up but you might also consider one of these special Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

Reading Material

By now, you should know what your Valentine likes to read. It might be the New York Times bestsellers. It could be some classics. Perhaps there is a favorite magazine or two. Maybe “all of the above.” You can select some targeted reading material and wrap them up in a nice package. A magazine subscription will remind them of this gift every month. That is a great gift to share.


Raise your hand if you ever made a mixtape for someone you were dating? It was a very popular gift back when tapes were a thing. Today, you can still create a version of a mixtape but putting together a special music list on one of the many streaming music services like Spotify or Pandora. The songs you pick can be a musical journey through your relationship. They can also be songs that share how you feel. It’s the perfect list to play in the background for your Valentine’s Day date!

A Class

Restaurants are always overflowing on Valentine’s Day. There is a good chance if you go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day you might bump up to a marriage proposal going down. That’s very romantic but can put pressure on you if you haven’t popped the question yet. Instead, consider signing up for some kind of class. It really doesn’t matter what kind of class you two enjoy; it is the experience that matters. No doubt there will be cooking, pottery and dance classes being offered near where you live. It’s great to date night and it doesn’t have to happen on Valentine’s Day. You can just present the receipt for the class on a special card.

Go Thoughtful

Along with the flowers, candy and card you might add a “thoughtful gift.” This could be taking care of something that your date is too busy to take care of on their own. Take their car in for a tune-up and oil change. Get the dog groomed (big points!). Hire cleaners for the day to tackle the living space. You can’t put a bow on those kinds of gifts (except for the clean pup!) but they are the kinds of thoughtful gestures that show you’ve been listening to what they need.