Start One Of These New Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions are a genuine family affair. Some traditions have been passed down through the family while others crop up new every year. Did you grow up with “Elf on a Shelf” or did you recently start that holiday tradition? There is nothing wrong with carrying on old traditions and starting new ones. Here are some holiday traditions you can start this year:

Present Scavenger Hunt

Why not put a little scavenger hunt action on Christmas morning? There can still be plenty of presents under the tree but that doesn’t mean you can’t save a big present for a scavenger hunt. You can start with clues found in the stocking that can take the kids all around the house until they land in that special room with the big prize. It’s a great way to prolong the phone or Christmas morning.

Exchange Christmas Pajamas

On Christmas Eve, family members can exchange pajamas that they have to wear to bed and on Christmas morning. Depending on the size of the family, these pajamas can be exchanged in a Secret Santa kind of way or as a straight up pajama swap. Bonus points for pajamas with footsies!

Indoor Forest

Most homes with a Christmas tree have just the one. Whether it is fresh cut, artificial or flocked it usually has a place of honor by a window or in the living room where everyone can enjoy it. Why stop at one tree? Why not have several mini trees scattered throughout the home? Each tree can be decorated with an individual theme.

Binge Viewing Alternatives

There are plenty of classic holiday movies to watch over the holiday season. Why not pick a night a binge watch alternatives to the holiday fare? You could stream a season of Dr. Who (and they always have a Christmas special) or go all action with every Die Hard movie (more Christmas!). Nothing beats some classic Saturday morning cartoon favorites. Maybe everyone puts their pick for a binge in the hat and whatever is picked is what gets watched that night: no exceptions!

The holiday tradition you start this year could be part of your family for generations!