Great Last Minute Gift Ideas

How long is your Christmas gift list? Once you’ve worked out who has been “naughty or nice,” it is easy to shop, order and wrap up all the presents for the immediate family and friends. However, there could be a lot more people circling in your orbit that you would like to say thanks to. We’re talking about the teachers, mail carriers, garbage pickup personal, co-workers and even the boss. If you’re looking to spread a little holiday cheer among that crowd, then here are some great last minute gift ideas.

An Umbrella

If you were a kid who got an umbrella, then you would probably be disappointed. Even the kid-like adults might think, “Meh.” That is until the next rain storm appears. Then all of sudden you’re a hero and your gift is the best gift ever. There are plenty of nice, lightweight umbrellas out there that would be perfect to replace all the other umbrellas that have been lost.

Netflix or Hulu Subscription

Is there someone in your life that you dish with over the latest installment of The Bachelor?  This could be the same person who texts, “OMG!” after This Is Us is over. Yes, we all love television and nothing says “Merry Christmas” like the chance to binge watch your favorite shows. You can give a six-month gift subscription to Netflix or Hulu for under $50. Sounds like a great self-gift, too!

Hand Warmers and Gloves

These are terrific gifts that, like the umbrella, will be appreciated when there is a turn in the weather. Think about your mail carrier who does their thing in rain, sleek or snow. Or maybe there is a sports fan in your world that is into tailgating. The combo of hand warmers and gloves will keep them nice and toasty.

Magazine Subscription

Everybody has a hobby. Whether that hobby is cooking, cats or celebrity gossip there’s sure to be a magazine dedicated to that topic. A great clue would be to spot someone reading a magazine that they just picked up. This way you know it’s something they’re into. Not everything has to be read on an iPad!

The Sweet Stuff

Baking cookies is a holiday tradition. Suppose this year you ramp up the production and add several more dozen cookies to the stockpile. These can then be put in tins or sturdy gift boxes and handed out with abandoned. It’s great to have a few cookie boxes on the side just in case you forget someone at the last minute. The worst that can happen is you’ll be stuck with leftover cookies.

The Gift Card

Of course, the trusty standby for any last minute gift is the gift card. Suppose you show up at work and are presented with a present from a coworker you had no idea was going to give you a gift. What do you do? Tell them you left their gift in your car. Then run down to the closest store, grab a card and a gift card and you’re good to go. Gift cards are so popular that they are sold everywhere these days. Good to know.