Surviving A Kitchen Remodel

Just because you’ve found your “dream” home doesn’t mean it can’t be improved with a little help. Or maybe you’ve been living in a home that was a dream but now it is time for a new dream. The most popular remodel project for homeowners to take on is a kitchen renovation. To do it right, it can make removing all the cabinets, pulling up the flooring and maybe even knocking down a wall or two. That’s a big project and one that means you’ll be without a kitchen for several days if not weeks. Here’s how you can survive a kitchen remodel:

Sort First

Before the remodel can start, everything has to be cleared out of the kitchen. This is a great opportunity to clear out the clutter and start over with a totally organized space. As you remove items, think ahead. You’ll want to sort them into three categories: Temporary kitchen, kitchen storage or toss out.

Set Up a Satellite Kitchen

Although you might enjoy all the take-out food you’ll be ordering during your remodel, you still need some kind of kitchen even a makeshift one. The dining room or living room might have to become your satellite kitchen. This is where you can hook up your fridge. You just won’t have any ice maker action. If you’re replacing the fridge, then consider getting a mini fridge for the duration. You’ll also want to set up a coffee maker, toaster over and countertop microwave. Add a crock pot and you’ve got a decent set up for a satellite kitchen.

Plan for Dishwashing

Obviously, you’re not going to have access to your kitchen sink. This means utilizing a bathroom or downstairs sink for your dishwashing duties. It might seem odd to bend over a tub to wash out pots, pans and dishes but it can work. Just be sure to scrap as much food off into the trash. You don’t want that going down the plumbing pipes. You might also be better off with paper plates and plastic utensils for the project.

Seal Off the Dust

Your contractor should take care of this but just in case they don’t be sure to hang up a wall of plastic sheeting between the kitchen space and the rest of the house. It might not keep all the dust out but it will be a lot better than without that wall.

If things get too crazy around the house, then check into a hotel for the last few days of the project. That way you get to come home to a new kitchen.