How To Make Your Collecting Hobby Into A Side Business

There are two reasons why people collect things: It is either as a hobby or as a business. Actually, those two concepts go hand in hand. An eBay store can be your home base for selling your collectibles but it’s not just about putting something up there and hoping it will zoom out to the highest bidder. Often an item might not attract attention from a bidder. This is why you need to go beyond eBay and become a power collectible seller and buyer. Yes, you’ll be buying more collectibles, too! Here’s what you need to know for turning this hobby into a serious business.

Learn All You Can

As with all things in life, when it comes to selling collectibles, knowledge is power. You’ll find that as you begin selling, there will be a lot of other folks doing the exact same thing with the exact same kind of collectibles. One way to stand out is to expand your knowledge of that item. No matter what you’re collecting, there will be dozens of web pages and forums dedicated to that topic. Dive in and get an education. You’ll also discover that involving yourself with the community of collectors is the best place to announce that you’ve got an item to sell!

Expand Your Collection Search Grid

Suppose you found a treasure up in your attic and this is the first collectable you’re going to sell. That’s great because now you have a “category.” After you’ve gained knowledge of this collectable (see above), you have to head out and start finding more. Obviously, you’ll want to make the rounds of yard sales and flea markets in your neighborhood but you’ll also want to include all the thrift stores. Often, you’ll find an item on a shelf without priced way under its true value. Also, don’t discount Craigslist. There could be all kinds of opportunities to buy and sell in your category. The goal is to expand your inventory but with smart choices. Again, understanding what collectors are looking for will be a great help.

Also, keep an eye out for “lots” of collectibles. Sellers will try to dump a lot of their stuff all at once. Buried in that lot could be a few gems. Yes, some sellers don’t know what they’re getting rid of. They just want to clear the clutter.

Don’t Spend Too Much At The Start

The big benefit with selling collectibles is that you can do a lot of your work from home. That means your overhead costs are going to be low. Ultimately, you might want to think about renting out a booth at a local flea market. However, you stand a better chance of making money with a flea market with a wider inventory. In other words, just selling vintage Christmas ornaments might not garner a return on your flea market investment. However, if you’re whole booth is Christmas everything, then you could justify the expense. Good luck, collecting and selling!