Today’s Best Saving Apps

Remember the days when you had to sift through pages of coupons and cut out the ones that applied to your future purchases? Then, you had to use them before the expiration date! Or, you were forced to use them in the right store location.

Luckily, with today’s technology things have gotten much easier and more efficient. While some money-saving apps are specific to your grocery store or other retailers, you can find plenty of them online to help download coupons and other specials. Even more than savings on individual purchases, others can help you save in the management of monthly subscriptions and other bills.

Cashback and Coupon Apps

Many free downloads in this category are already available. These are easy-to-use, with plenty of cash-saving options for retail purchases. Some of these may be online while others are in stores, you still can use your phone and scan the bar code of products to see if savings can be found under some of these apps like Wikibuy, Ibotta, Shopkick, and Retailmenot.

Cost-Cutting Apps

Also, we know that many service providers claim to be the best out there at the lowest price. Well, some of these apps work along the lines of saving on your regular purchases and subscriptions. This is much saving on monthly bills like power and others. These saving apps help you find savings on subscriptions, receive cashback when prices change, and track your actual usage of subscriptions you keep paying for. Hey, there is no reason to keep a subscription that you don’t use at all

Some of these include:

  • Paribus,
  • Truebill
  • Trim.

Paribus is one that will search for specific price drops for you, by negotiating refunds on those price differences after your purchases. Both Truebill and Trim evaluate your current subscriptions and how much you spend monthly on these. Most credit cards don’t do this for you, and these apps can help search through the monthly payments you are making for various subscriptions. You can look through the analysis and make your own decision on which ones to keep.

So, with all of this, there are many places to save in today’s world. With many free apps available, other premium services cost a little monthly. But, all of them help you save on more than just independent retail products. You can save on your monthly bills, cancel subscriptions that you no longer use, and negotiate the price of purchases and bills that have lower-priced options out there, and you are being over-billed by your providers!