July 4th BBQ Ideas: Food, Decoration, and More

It’s around the corner, and you are likely planning for the safest possible July 4th celebrations. Luckily, there are still options to play games and celebrate the birth of the United States from a safe distance apart. There are games like American flag cornhole or even fun red-white-and-blue crafts that everyone can do together.

Party Ideas for July 4th

We are sitting in the middle of a global pandemic, with the celebration of our nation’s birth only a short time away. So, you may have questions about planning the safest possible parties for your family and friends where a clean environment with proper social distancing can be held.

This year it could be a good idea to have immediate family over, and to make sure that you all agree that everyone is happy with sitting down together for a meal. Maybe planning together for the location with the most space available could also be helpful ahead of time. There is no reason for the same host to be responsible for July 4th just because they always have been in the past.

Classic Recipes for a Fourth of July BBQ

Grill out the fun yet simple way… with some of the most common items that meet the taste favorites of kids and adults alike. Some of the most popular summer menu items can be prepped or even completely made the night before the big day, making the setup much easier. These include things like pasta salad, cole slaw, beans, veggies, dips, and other snacks. But, be careful with salads because lettuce can get soggy in the fridge overnight with other ingredients sitting on top of it.

A Menu to Grill Out on July 4th

Money may be tight, so sticking to some hot dogs, burgers, and maybe some kebabs could be both those classics with minimal expense required. Other simple grilled foods include corn on the cob, fried chicken, grilled chicken, and more.

With all of this working together, you have many options to work together with family and friends to plan a fun, safe, and healthy July 4th BBQ. It may be smaller or slightly different than you are used to from the past, but it can always be plenty of fun!