Top Perks To Look For In Your Job Search

You might have a position that provides a decent salary which is on any worker’s “perks” list. However, have you ever considered other perks that may truly make your job exceptional?

We’ve tailored 5 top perks to look out for on your next search:

Unlimited PTO

The standard of limited PTO is no longer the norm and more employers are starting to see the benefits of this flexibility to their company and staff. This perk is not only allowing more time to rejuvenate but ultimately a more productive staff. How great have you felt going back into work after a day or even a week off? More companies are starting to see the importance of the health of their staff and company culture.

Work from Home Opportunities

More companies are becoming more sympathetic to a work-life balance. What better way to help balance work and life than being able to work from home! Some companies will be completely remote, whereas others will provide the option of 1-2 remote days in a 5 day work week. What more can you ask for? The flexibility to work in the comfort of your own home can too have benefits on your health and productivity.

Health, Dental & Vision Insurance

A lot of companies offer health insurance but not the vision or dental insurance. Ironically, most workers are wearing glasses or contact lens. While the health insurance might cover an injury or sickness with the eye, it wouldn’t cover eye exams or glasses. That would certainly be a big boost especially if that coverage can extend to your family.

Reimbursement of Commute

If you’re working in a city the incentive to take public transportation is a plus! It can be a drag sitting in traffic for long periods of time before getting to the office. To limit congestion and the stress of traffic offering shuttles at some of the bigger companies, a bus pass and or even a bike are other ways to get to work with less stress.

Onsite Gym

We spend the majority of our time at work. We’ll give ourselves excuses as to why we can’t work out. A company providing access to an onsite gym or select gyms in your area is a big PLUS. Now you have no excuse and can take that 6 am, 5 pm or even noon class on the companies’ dime and hassle free!