What Should You Do After A Car Accident?

Hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with an auto accident.

Even a minor fender bender can be a huge inconvenience as you seek out the proper auto body repair shop and deal with the insurance company.

Before you get there, there are some things to keep in mind. First, make sure you’ve got all your documentation at the ready every time get behind the wheel of your car. This includes you driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance.

Check For Injuries

The moment an accident occurs you first want to check for injuries for either you or the other driver. If someone is hurt, this isn’t the time to squabble over who is at fault. Instead, call 911 and get medical help.

If it looks like everyone is up and walking, then you need to document the scene.

There is an inclination to get off the road as quickly as possible. While you always should be cautious, before moving your cars snap some pictures with your cell phone at the point of impact and the surrounding area of the accident. This could prove to be essential for your car repair and insurance after a car accident.

Call the Police

Next, you’ll want to call the police. Don’t let the other driver try and talk you out of this because it could come back as huge problem when you go to file a claim and can’t find this person. Whoever you’re in an accident with is a stranger, and you don’t owe them any sympathy.

While you’re waiting for the police, exchange your personal information. If the other driver is resistant, the least you can do is write down their license plate number. When the police show up, you’ll both give your side of the story, and they’ll write up a report. That report will be the first thing your insurance agent will ask for.

Remove The Car

If you have to get your car towed to an auto body repair shop, then ask to go to your mechanic. Try to avoid the impound lot even if your car is totaled.

The next call you make will be to your insurance agent. Before they authorize payment for car repair after a car accident, they’ll assign an adjuster to your case to assess the damage.

At this point, you have a few options.

You can file a claim to get reimbursement for your auto body repair bill. Or you can pay out of pocket. Alot will depend on your insurance policy and how high your deductible might be. It might make more sense to take the hit rather than risk your premiums going up.

One of the reasons you want to get all the information at the scene of the accident is that there is no telling what the other driver is going to share with their insurance company. This could be the latest in a long string of accidents. If they can claim it wasn’t their fault, then they’ll be off the hook. The more evidence you can have to back up your side of the story the better off you’ll be.