Which Emergency Pack Should You Select?

It can be difficult to choose the best emergency pack brand, especially if you don’t necessarily know the situation where it will be needed. There may be a specific brand of pre-contained emergency packs, while there are also quality brands that can be used to fill your own specific emergency pack.

Some pre-packaged kits can be purchased at major stores or online. Some of these most popular brands include:

  • Emergency Zone Urban Survival Bug Out Bag
  • Survival Prep Warehouse 2 Person Deluxe Survival Kit
  • Sustain Supply Company Essential 2
  • Red Cross Basic 3-Day Emergency Kit
  • Sustain Supply Company Comfort 2

All of these are intended to provide a basic 72-hour support system in any situation where you might find yourself stranded in an emergency. Keep in mind that these can be placed in your basement in the event that you may lose power for a long period of time during a storm, or you can also place them in your car when you may need them on a long road trip.

Some other issues in recent days include our national situations with the Coronavirus, wildfires, and hurricanes. You may not have time to find the best kit for you and purchase it before leaving the house for a few days. So, it may take some key items to pack from the house before leaving in a rush. Some of these items include drinking water, canned food, utensils, extra clothes, cell phone chargers, extra cash, prescriptions, first aid medications, flashlight, portable radio, and extra batteries. I’m sure you can think of many more items in your house to take, but a quick and immediate pack requires the key essentials.

There many different situations that require emergency packs, though there could always be the importance of having them purchased or prepared in advance. Considering many of the emergency situations we see consistently in 2020, this is a good item to have in place in the event of any emergency that may come.