How To Save Money With Your Car Mechanic

Which do you prefer the least: A trip to your car mechanic or a trip to your dentist? At least the pain of a dental trip wears off. You might be reminded of how much you spent at the mechanic for a repair every time you start your car! There are a few proactive things you can do to save money with your car mechanic. Who knows? Those savings might eventually add up to a deposit on a new car. Here’s what you can do:

Do Your Homework

When you drive into a mechanic without any idea of what is wrong with your car, then you are at their mercy. A check engine light can mean many things but your mechanic should run a diagnostic with you while you wait and you’ll be able to see the print out of the problems. As for a “strange noise,” try to do a little research online to help narrow down the problem. You want to try and avoid having your mechanic going on a “hunting expedition” to find out what’s wrong. The more time a mechanic spends looking for things, the more costly it will become.

Look for Discounts and Warranties

Your car might be under a warranty for the repair you need to take care of. That might mean a trip to the dealership, which always takes longer. But if you don’t have to pay for the repairs then it would be worth the wait. There could also be discounts available at brake repair and tire centers. Those would be good to look up before you head out.

Find a Trusty Mechanic

It goes without saying that a trustworthy auto mechanic is worth their weight in gold. The best way to find a mechanic is to ask your friends or neighbors for a recommendation. Then when you go to that mechanic, drop the name. That way you’re sure to get the same deal.

DIY What You Can

There are a lot of car repairs that might be out of your scope of expertise. However, there are just as many things that you can take on as a DIY task. Whatever the problem, look up the repair on YouTube to gauge the level of ease. Topping off fluids, swapping out your windshield wiper, and even swapping a battery should all be within your wheelhouse. Remember, it is never the parts that are costly with auto repairs, it is the labor.

You also want to make sure that you’re following your car’s guidelines for upkeep. Regular maintenance will keep it running smoothly and keep you away from the mechanic.