How To Ace An Online Job Interview

The job market has taken a hit with the recent COVID-19 crisis. However, there is a strong chance that every job that was put on pause will come back. This is an opportunity to start a new career path. That might also mean your next job interview will be done online. That will certainly solve the issue of whether you should shake hands. Here are some good tips to help you ace your online job interview:

Test-Run Your Computer

For your online job interview, you’re going to need a strong Wi-Fi connection and a computer with good audio and video capabilities. Your interview will probably be conducted over Skype, Google Hangout or Zoom. You should do a test-run with your computer using all of those options. Find a friend who can “take your call” and make sure everything is working as it should.

Pick a Good Spot

If you are using a laptop for your interview, then you have the flexibility to find a good spot in your home to set it up. Natural lighting would be the best option because indoor lighting can sometimes cause glares. Additionally, indoor lighting isn’t the most flattering. You also want to make sure that your background isn’t distracting. You might be proud of your collectible collection but they might not be appropriate for a corporate interview. If you can sit at a table with a window behind you, then that might be the best location.

Shut Down Distractions

You want to make sure that you shut down any possible distractions for the duration of the interview. That means shutting off your phone and computer sounds. It also means keeping the pets out of the room. The same has to go for the kids. They always seem to want so much when you’re on a call! And make sure anyone else you’re living with knows that you’re on a live call. You don’t want any embarrassing “camera bombs” in the background.

Dress Professionally

You should wear the same outfits for your online job interview that you would wear for an in-person interview. That includes pants! It wouldn’t like great if you were professionally dressed from the waist up but wearing pajamas from the waist down. You might not think that will be scene but just Google “Zoom fails” to find the truth!

Maintain Eye Contact

You want to maintain eye contact with your interviewer. If there are multiple folks online then rotate your contact. And be sure to practice your main talking points about why you would be a great fit for the company.

Finally, before you react to the interview, make sure the call is completely disengaged. You might even want to totally shut down your computer just to be safe.