Elements in Feng Shui

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

In feng shui, there are five key elements, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. In each of these elements there are included colors that create a harmonious home or work space. Each of these five elements “governs” a specific area of your home (according to the feng shui energy map called bagua). Basically, the different areas of your bagua benefit from the colors you use to decorate with various decor items.

Fire Element Colors: Passion and Energy

Balanced Fire feng shui brings supporting energy to all your career efforts and will help achieve recognition. The fire element also nourishes your sexual energy and inner warmth. Most beneficial to the South Bagua area of your home or office, or even the Northeast and Southwest areas, the Fire feng shui element colors are:
● Red
● Orange
● Purple
● Pink
● Strong Yellow

Earth Element Colors: Nourishment and Stability

A strong Earth element in your feng shui decor promotes stability, nourishment, and calm protection all through your life. When focused in the Northeast and Southwest Bagua areas it helps with health and wellness, the Earth element colors of light yellow, beige, and earthy/sandy colors help incredibly.

Metal Element: Clarity and Preciseness

The Feng shui Metal element improves sharpness, precision, and efficiency, and a balanced presence will help you live with clarity and lightness. A solid metal element helps maintain calm, crisp clarity and eliminate distractions when it dominates the West and Northwest Bagua areas with Metal element colors are gray and white.

Water Element: Ease and Abundance

More than calm, the Water element adds ease, purity, and freshness to your home while also being an ancient symbol of abundance, thus a potent feng shui cure for wealth. Water is the feng shui element of the North Bagua area of your space in the colors of blue and black.

Wood Element: Growth and Vitality

The Wood element brings the energy of vibrant health, vitality, and growth in a feng shui space with another expression of abundance, wealth, and prosperity. The use of plants and the money tree in feng shui are included in the Wood element of the East and Southeast Bagua areas using the colors of brown and green.

So, the basic feng shui color guide helps you create a happy and healthy home. Color is like music, nourishing and uplifting, and the more colors you harmoniously absorb throughout the day, the higher your sense of well-being. Vibrant colors are beneficial to any space, as color is light, and light is our number one nutrient.