5 Healthy Ways to Detox

Forget getting colonics and fasting on extremely-low-cal juice diets. If you want to rid toxins and improve your overall health, there are wiser and healthier ways to do it. Below are five methods that are not only expert-approved but also guarantee to make you feel like a better version of yourself.

Take a Deep Breathe


There is a great technique called ujjayi breathing which is a form of deep breathing — and it can help rid your body of toxins in two ways. Deep breathing builds heat in the body which in turn causes you to sweat out the toxins and in addition it helps drive out excess carbon dioxide each time you exhale. To start this exercise, start by sitting in a comfy position and take a breath in and then push out the air deeply through your nose. When you are inhaling, envision your throat opening as if you were yawning. While exhaling, try to squeeze the back of the throat and make a soft ‘ha’ noise as if you’re trying to make an ocean sound. Count to five in your head on each inhale and exhale; continue this process for five to 15 minutes. Afterward you should feel relaxed and energized.