5 Low-Impact Exercises that Burn Calories Like Crazy

There is no doubt that intense workouts are the most proficient and effective ways to shred fat and boost your stamina. However it turns out that intense workouts don’t need to be so hard on your body. If you have old injuries and you want to stay away from exercises that can bother your joints and/or back (or if you want to prevent new injuries), low-impact exercises are the way to go, and they can even provide the same the benefits that high-intensity workouts provide.

The best thing about these exercises is that the risk for injuries does not increase when the intensity is increased, meaning you are able to push yourself a little bit more each time knowing that the only thing your are risking is more calories.



Yoga might not be the first form of exercise that you think about when trying to come up with ways to burn calories, but maybe it should be. Yoga is a very efficient, low-impact way to get lean muscle. Yoga provides a complete-body workout that allows you to gain flexibility, strength, and total peace of mind. What is so great about Yoga is that it uses your whole body, instead of isolating small groups of muscles, in turn leading to a burning a lot of calories. To make sure that you’re always keeping yourself challenged, all you need to do is increase the depth of each pose, extend your workout for a longer period, or try more challenging poses.