6 Signs You’re Stressed Out

Everyone gets stressed out… So why the big deal? Stress is so common that one might believe that if you’re not passed out on the floor from being so burnt out, you’re most likely good to go. However stress is very good at sneaking up on you, and it’s not just the mental or emotional issues that stress symptoms can affect.

1. Hair Loss


Around three to six months after an extremely stressful incident, such as getting fired or even a breakup, it would not unusual to find more hair than you are used to on your hairbrush or in the shower (shedding about 100 strands per day is normal). Stress can cause your androgens (a sex hormone) to spike up in numbers, which could mess around with your hair follicles causing immediate but temporary hair loss.

While there is no proven food or supplement that can bring back your locks, maintaining a well-balanced diet can help cell growth.