Why These Phones Cases are the Trendiest

What makes a phone case trendy? Does it have to be name brand? Does it take a celebrity wearing it? Ultimately you just need to get people to purchase, wear, and talk about your product to make it successful.

Phone case trends come and go as quickly as the devices they get placed on. It’s hard to keep up with the latest trends because before you know it people are moving on to something new. For example, gemstones, marble, and hologram phone cases have all been trendy at one point. So, what’s the latest trend you ask? Zagline is here to fill you in!

One of the biggest trends in phone case trends is text. Yes, we’re talking about words, plain and simple. Don’t believe us? Next time you are out and about, count how many phone cases you spot that incorporate text. And let me tell you, text is here to stay…well at least for now.

Is there any phrase you’d like to release out into the world? Anything you wished other people would just know without you having to say a word? Well, Incipio phone cases are here to make life a little easier for you.

Their new collection of iPhone cases designed by Baron Von Fancy are inspired by the classic hand-painted style of the 50s and 60s. It is a form of art that hopes to represent this generation through playful energy, provocative humor and poetic lamentations of pop-culture.

This artist is no stranger to collaborations, having designed t-shirts, sneakers, and even business cards for companies. His art is showcased on billboards all over his home state of New York. The phone case collaboration was announced on December 7th and consists of five quirky phone themed phrases in rainbow metallic lettering which is only available for iPhones 6 through X.

These phone cases are perfect for anyone who wants a little more self-expression. Although these phone cases are targeted towards Millennials, phone cases are not age restricted. So, anyone from your grandma to your teenage sister can rock these aesthetic cases.

If you are someone who expresses yourself through your phone cases, these will be a wonderful addition to your collection.